Worship & Christian Education

We count it an honor to encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ! It is a joy to walk with you as you explore God's Call to spiritual formation, mission, outreach, and service. If you do not have a place of Worship you call home then know you are invited to join us here at LUMC. Besides the amazing people you will meet, there are many exciting ministries you are welcome to take part in. Come join us! You will make a difference in Christ!  

Children & Uth Spiritual Formation
Sunday School     
   Sunday School Registration Form
   Sundays, 9:15 AM-10:15 AM
   (Children Gather in Sanctuary (9:00 AM)
Confirmation Class (6th Grade & Older)   
Uth Group (5th Grade & Older)     
Adult Spiritual Formation
Sunday 8:00 AM - Fellowship Hall
   (Lower Hall of Church)
Bible Study
Thursday 9:00 AM (Virtual) Returning in the Fall!   
Thursday 6:45 PM (Virtual)
  Please contact the LUMC Office for a virtual invite!
Music Ministries 
Praise Team Practice 
Choir Practice
Chimes of Praise Practice 
You're Invited

Whether you have never opened a Bible or have read the whole Book many times, we believe all who seek to study about God are respected theologians 

welcome and invited to join.

The Bible In One Year

A Chronological Bible Reading.  Click for:

January           May               September  

February         June              October

March              July               November

April                 August          December

Methodist Information
Would you like to learn a little more about United Methodist History? John and Charles Wesley? Missions? The United Methodist Organizational Structure?  

We will do our best to get you better acquainted and equipped for serving within the Church as well as out in the community.


UM Communications

The United Methodist Communications site has many resources you can tap into.   http://www.umcom.org/


Greater NJ Annual Conference 

Please visit our Conference website at www.gnjumc.org